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How Hypnosis Can Build Self Confidence

I have had many clients come to me for help to address a particular problem area in their life. Often times, I discover the client has been battling this problem for years and by the time I see them, their confidence is at its lowest point. So the starting point to begin any hypnosis program […]

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How to increase self-esteem

How To Increase Self-Esteem Through Hypnosis

Low self-confidence can be a barrier to achieving your goals. Paired with confidence is self-esteem, or opinion and belief of yourself. A poor self-esteem can also prevent you from achieving your dreams. Low self-esteem can create phobias, anxieties, or other problem behaviour that keeps you stuck in negative thoughts and actions. There are many things […]

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What Happens During and After My Hypnosis Session?

Many people wonder what hypnosis is all about, including how they will feel during or after a hypnotherapy session. Before you start, your therapist will ask questions on your goals and past history. This helps the hypnotherapist understand your personality and needs to decide on the best method to use during your session. Depending on […]

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Why Not…Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

As a certified hypnotherapist, I often get asked a lot of questions about hypnosis. Some people wonder if it really works, or they “dare” me to make them stop smoking. What they don’t understand is that a hypnotherapist has no control over you. Your therapist has training in helping others resolve issues. It is a […]

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Are you ready to Quit Smoking?

Break Your Nicotine Addiction Are you ready to quit smoking? While many smokers know they should quit, it takes more than just a wish to make it happen. It takes some preparation in order for you to quit permanently. Research shows it takes at least seven attempts at quitting an addiction. How many times have […]

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How to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

How many times have you tried to stop smoking? A couple of times? A dozen? Most smokers state they want to quit and know the reasons they should quit. But knowing that doesn’t always help you take the final step and stop permanently. It can be so frustrating that you continue because you’ve given up […]

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How To Become a Nonsmoker With Hypnosis

Do you want to quit smoking? How many methods have you used so far? Since you’re reading this article, you probably are still struggling. It’s common for people to use seven methods to stop an addiction, and cigarette smoking is no different. Regardless of your past attempts, don’t give up. You can use hypnosis as […]

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101 Reasons To Quit Smoking

Do you have a “long enough lever” in your life to quit smoking? With a long list of reasons, you can do anything – even quit smoking.  Here’s a list of funny and non-so-funny incentives. Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”– […]

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