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The past two years for me were not a great time, balancing work life and family life the world seemed to be closing in on me. This all changed once I met with Christine and began my sessions, very quickly I began to feel a deep and glowy change in my confidence, self respect and overall personality, I also lifted many fears that were buried deep inside which caused terrible anxiety.  I would have no issue at all in recommending Christine to anyone facing similar situations. ~  Daniel Sportelli

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you!  I visited Life in Sync in September last year to have hypnotherapy to help me stop biting my nails.  I’ve bitten my nails all my life, and I’m now in my mid-40s.  I’ve tried loads of different things to stop over the years, and I have to say I visited your practice more in hope than expectation.  But since that single visit I haven’t bitten my nails again – and more amazingly I haven’t even wanted to!  I don’t really understand how it all works, but it’s been fantastic – so thank you. ~ Dean Purkis

I want to thank you for your part in helping my decision to give up smoking. It has been just over 5 months now and I haven’t had a cigarette. I, at first, was very skeptical believing that it was going to be the biggest waste of money I have ever spent but as it has turned out it has been the best decision to spend the money with you. I have recouped that money ten times over already. You made my transition to non smoker so easy I am still, as well as my husband, quite gob smacked that it has worked so well and effectively. You took all the panic and anxiety out of it. I believe a little bit of will power was still needed and a want to do it as well. However usually when I tried to give up smoking endless times before I would freak out and smoke twice as much, and I would only ever make it to the six week mark and find an excuse to take it up again. I had also tried all other methods of chewy’s, patches and tablets to no avail. I have been a die hard smoker for 23 years and believed I always would be, however this has almost been one of the easiest things I have done with your help. So thank you again for your part in it and I cannot tell you how nice it is to not smell like an ashtray anymore. ~ J Beer 20 cigarettes a day for 23 years

Things are going well, I’m still not smoking and it’s been 2 months now.  I am so pleased with the results as I felt I’ve had no withdrawals or cravings like when I gave up cold turkey.  What I have had and still do is a calm recognition every now and then that at that moment I would’ve had a cigarette.  Hope all is well with you and a BIG THANKYOU from me for your expertise and help. ~ K Kent, 1 pack a day for 36 years

It has been some time since I have come to see you, and I am a proud “non-smoker” – I have not nor will I smoke, and I am so happy that you gave me that gift – so thank you – you work wonders and I don’t know how it worked but it did!  I will never smoke again and also my friend still has not smoked either – thanks again. ~ Tanya, 10-15 cigarettes a day for 19 years

I am proud to be a non-smoker. I no longer have the urge for a cigarette and I am looking forward to a healthier longer life with my children. ~ T Campbell, 25 cigarettes a day for 18 years

My life will now be abundant with fresh air, vibrant health and extra cash to reward myself and my loved ones. Thank you for assisting me to empower myself! ~ M Blake, 20 cigarettes a day for 27 years

*Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee of specific results, as results may vary from individual to individual



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